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The Concrete Contractor Who Can Restore and Renew Your Concrete

Uneven or sunken concrete can be an eyesore and pose a safety hazard. BGR Construction LLC is a concrete contractor, and we specialize in concrete leveling services that offer a cost-effective and efficient solution to restore and renew your concrete surfaces. Our comprehensive process combines precision technology with experienced technicians to ensure a level and safe environment for your property in Silver Spring, MD.

Initial Assessment and Evaluation

Our Concrete Leveling process begins with thoroughly evaluating the affected concrete areas. We identify the extent of the settling or sinking and assess the underlying causes. This step helps us determine the most appropriate leveling method.

Transparent Communication

We discuss our findings, explain the issues, and provide a detailed estimate for the concrete leveling work. You’ll always know what to expect in terms of costs and timelines.

Drilling Access Holes

We carefully drill small, strategically placed access holes in the sunken concrete to access the underlying soil and voids. These holes allow us to inject our leveling material with precision.

Injection of High-Quality Material

We use high-density polyurethane foam or cementitious grout, depending on the specific needs of your project. This material is injected into the access holes, expanding to fill voids and gently raising the sunken concrete to its original level.

Controlled Lifting and Leveling

Our experienced technicians monitor the injection process closely to ensure precise lifting and leveling. We pay attention to the alignment and elevation of the concrete to achieve an even surface.

Quality Control and Testing

We conduct thorough quality control tests. We inspect the surface for uniformity, make any necessary adjustments, and confirm that the concrete is level and stable.

Cleanup and Restoration

Any leftover material and debris are removed, and the access holes are sealed to match the surrounding concrete.

Client Walkthrough and Satisfaction

We invite you to inspect the leveled concrete and provide feedback. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we are dedicated to addressing any concerns promptly.

Post-Leveling Guidance

We offer post-leveling care and maintenance guidance to help you protect the newly leveled concrete and prolong its lifespan.

Environmental Responsibility

Our concrete leveling process is environmentally friendly, as it minimizes waste and the need for extensive demolition and reconstruction.

Your property in Silver Spring, MD should have a level concrete surface to ensure safety. BGR Construction LLC is the concrete contractor to turn to. Call us at (240) 829-3881 today to get an assessment!